General Public

DHS provides many resources to keep the public informed about activities, and performance of the agency and providers we license.

  • Information Center

    Key resources on the DHS website are listed in the Information Center to connect website users quickly to the services, documents and information they need.

  • Jensen Settlement

    The Jensen Settlement Agreement is the result of a lawsuit filed against the DHS in 2009 alleging that residents of the former Minnesota Extended Treatment Options (METO) program were unlawfully and unconstitutionally secluded and restrained.

  • Licensing

    DHS licenses service providers and monitors and investigates their compliance with Minnesota laws and rules. Licensing protects the health, safety and rights of those receiving services by requiring that providers meet minimum standards of care and physical environment.

  • Office of Inspector General

    The Office of Inspector General oversees fraud prevention and recovery efforts, including health care, child care and food support fraud detection and recovery efforts.

  • Minnesota Own Your Future

    The State of Minnesota is sponsoring a public awareness initiative to urge all Minnesotans to prepare for their retirement and later years when they will need long-term care.

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