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Admin Plant Management offers parking services for state employees and visitors to the buildings under our custodial control. Parking options include contract and metered parking in surface lots and parking ramps.  All parking is subject to availability. See the tabs below for complete parking information and reference the Capitol Complex Commuter Policy for more details.

December 8, 2014 - Ramp F Information


Contract Parking

Courtesy Request:  Park within the lines & make sure others can get in and out   

Long term contracts may be purchased from Admin Plant Management.  Contact us or call 651-201-2300.  They may be sold to: 

  • Agencies located outside the Capitol Complex with frequent Capitol Complex business may request contract parking
  • Congressionally-chartered veteran organizations
  • Federal employees
  • Governor's Office employees
  • House of Representative members 
  • Interns 
  • Legislative Staff
  • Members of Legislative Coordinating Commissions/Boards
  • Non-state entities conducting verifiable business with the State of Minnesota
  • Revisor of Statutes employees
  • Senate members
  • State agencies
  • State employees 

Parking Contracts must be cancelled And hang tags returned to PMD in order to Stop payroll deduction and to stop incurring charges

Disability Parking

Disability contract parkers using a stall designated for handicap parking must be registered as disability priority with PMD.

Disability contract parking is available to eligible people with disabilities on a permanent or temporary basis.  If eligible, you must have a valid parking contract and must display either a disability parking certificate or a disability license plate issued by the Department of Public Safety.  A copy of your disability parking identification must be kept on file with Admin Plant Management in order to receive the priority parking. 

If you are an existing contract parker with PMD and your status changes due to a permanent or temporary disability, contact parking to update your parking priority.

Motorcycles, Bicycles and Segways

Motorcycle parking is available in parking ramps and surface parking lots with designated motorcycle areas. Information on bicycle parking can be found on the alternative transportation page. Segway users may use a bicycle rack at no cost, rent a bicycle locker for an annual cost of $50 or rent a Segway Stall with electricity in the heated Judicial Garage for an annual cost of $50.


For employees on the State's Personnel and Payroll system, payment is made through pre-tax, bi-weekly payroll deduction. For parkers not on state's payroll system payment is done through monthly or quarterly invoicing. 

When parking fee is taken out of your paycheck, it is deducted before tax (up to $175 per month), or you can choose to set up a before tax expense account if you are an employee, which can be used for parking expenses up to $175 per month.

Parking Security and Escort Service

State parking facilities are patrolled and electronically monitored by Capitol Security Division of the Department of Public Safety. Capitol Security will provide an escort service to your car. Call 651-296-6741 to request an escort and please allow up to 20 minutes for escort to arrive. 

More information on parking is available on the parking page within the Citizen Services section of our site. 

Parking Rates

The cost for parking depends on whether you park in a surface lot, ramp or garage. Parking rates are monthly, unless otherwise indicated. For most employees, charges will be deducted from your paycheck each pay period. Rates are subject to change. 

  Effective July 1, 2014 -

  • Bike Cage-Annual: $50.00
  • Bike Locker-Annual: $50.00
  • Garage: $130.33
  • Legislative Intern per month-Lot: $10.00
  • Lost/Stolen Bike Locker Key: $25.00
  • Lot: $37.19
  • Motorcycle-Lot: $18.54
  • Motorcycle-Ramp: $27.84
  • Parking Lost/Stolen Replacement Parking Identification Tag: $25.00
  • Parking Meter/Pay Station per hour: $1.75
  • Ramp: $64.59
  • Segway-Garage-Annual: $50.00
  • Top deck: $42.66
  • Unmetered Contractor Parking/Daily Permit: $7.00



Parking is currently available in the following locations: 

  • Lot X - Sears Parking Lot on Rice Street

* Update - January 23, 2015 - Lot X Contract Holders

Effective February 1, 2015, the number of parking stalls available to the State in Lot X (Sears) will be reduced to 300 stalls.  Here is a diagram of the stalls that will be designated for State use.  Signage will be updated over the next two weeks.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact PMD Parking

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists for each parking facility can be found below. Look at the lists you indicated as parking choices on your parking wait list application and follow these instructions to find your position on the waiting list: 

Note: If you were granted parking for your first choice, your name has been removed from the waiting list of your second choice.


Where is parking available?

Admin manages parking facilities at these locations:

  • Capitol Complex in St. Paul
  • BCA Building at 1430 Maryland Ave E, St. Paul
  • Grove St Building at 321 Grove St, St. Paul

These facilities include surface lots, ramps and garages. If the facility you are interested in is currently full, you can ask to be placed on a waiting list for that facility. Parking assignments are made on a first come, first served basis based on the priorities listed in the Capitol Complex Commuter Policy.

What does parking cost?

Parking rates are monthly, unless otherwise indicated, and vary whether you park in a surface lot, ramp or garage. Full rate information is available under the Parking Rates tab. 

How do I start?

Stop by Admin Plant Management at room G-10 in the Administration Building to fill out a parking contract weekdays between 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM. You will be assigned to a parking facility and given a parking identification tag for your vehicle. You will be able to park at the assigned facility on the same day.

How do I pay?

You will not pay at the time you sign up for a parking contract.

Employees on State's Personnel and Payroll System - payment made through pre-tax, bi-weekly payroll deduction.
Parkers NOT on State's payroll system - will be invoiced monthly or quarterly in advance.

  • You will be invoiced if you don't want to use the pre-tax parking payroll deduction option.
  • If you start or stop your parking contract mid-month, the invoiced cost will be prorated.

What if I lose my parking identification tag? 

You must immediately replace it to avoid being ticketed or towed.

  • Pick up a new tag from Admin Plant Management - there is a $25 charge for replacing lost/stolen tag.  (If you find original tag within 3 months of reporting tag lost or stolen, your $25 will be refunded when you return original tag to Admin Plant Management.)
  • If you forget or misplace your tag for a short time, a courtesy pass can be provided for up to one week.  Contact Admin Plant Management to request a pass.

What if I leave my parking identification tag in another car?

You must obtain a free, temporary parking permit for the day from Plant Management.  Request a temporary parking permit in person first thing in the morning to avoid having your vehicle ticketed and/or towed.

Use the temporary free parking available in Lot Q next to the Administration Building while you obtain your parking permit.  Park in the first row in one of the first 3 stalls closest to Cedar Street; identified with a sign reading "Plant Management Parking Customers Only - 15 minute limit".  Entrance to the Administration Building is on Sherburne Avenue.

What if I can't find a place to park?

  • In all cases if you have a parking contract and cannot find a place to park, call Admin Plant Management at 651-201-2300 and they will direct you to a back-up parking location.  
  • During construction projects or special events, Admin Plant Management will make alternative arrangements in advance and notify all affected parkers of the arrangements. 

What if I need parking intermittently?

Parking meters are available throughout the Capitol Complex.

Is an escort service available? 

Yes, Capitol Security provides escorts. Contact Capitol Security at 651-201-6974 about 20 minutes prior to your departure time.

How do I cancel parking? 

Return your parking identification tag to the Admin Plant Management office and fill out a cancellation form.  As described in your parking contract, you will continue to be charged parking fees until you return your parking tag.