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Admin Risk Management serves as the state's insurance company. Minnesota Statutes Chapter 16B authorizes state agencies and political subdivisions to utilize the Risk Management Fund for insurance and other alternative funding programs. Risk Management insures state vehicles for auto liability and auto physical damage and most state agencies for property and general liability. Our team also provides risk and insurance management consulting services to state agencies.

Insurance coverages available through Admin include property, business income, boiler and machinery, crime, inland marine, general liability, public officials' liability, broadcaster's liability, police professional liability, auto liability and auto physical damage. We can assist with identifying competitive coverage through the conventional insurance market for medical professional liability, aviation and other specialty coverages. We also work with state agencies in drafting insurance language for contracts for state services and offer other professional services. 

Admin's insurance program includes safety and loss control services, which can enhance fire protection, injury prevention and related safety efforts. For all the details on our insurance services, see the tabs below.

Claim Reporting

For Minnesota State Agencies

The Claims Reporting Guide (PDF) provides the State of Minnesota and its agencies with standard procedures to follow in the event of any incident that may result in an insurance claim. Adopting these procedures may help reduce the severity of loss and increase chances for recovery from the party or parties responsible for a loss. The guide recommends steps to take in the event of a loss. To the extent that actual policy provisions differ from the recommendations, policy provisions will prevail and should be followed.

For further assistance, contact Admin Risk Management.

For the Public

Potential claims against the State of Minnesota should be reported to the state agency or state entity the claim will be against; if it is known.

If you are unsuccessful in contacting the state agency or entity contact Admin Risk Management and we will assist you. Before contacting us please have the following information:

  • Identity of the agency/entity you think is involved,
  • Time and date of the incident,
  • Location of the incident, and
  • Brief description of what happened.

Admin Risk Management personnel will make every effort to resolve claims or refer individuals to the correct party.


Insurance Coverages

Admin Risk Management provides automobile liability insurance for the state's vehicle fleet; provides state agencies with property and general liability insurance protection; and can also obtain insurance coverage through the private insurance marketplace for unique or unusual exposures. See the documents below for more details on coverage options.

Applications and Forms

Please contact Marlys Williamson at 651-201-2591 with any insurance questions.

Certificates and memorandums of insurance

A certificate or memorandum of insurance is a form verifying the issuance of a policy and detailing the coverage in general. Memorandums of insurance for student intern malpractice insurance coverage can be obtained from the website of broker Marsh Inc. Certificates of insurance for all other insurance coverages should be requested by completing the Certificate Request Form (PDF).

Property Loss Control


Property Loss Control is a technique that seeks to eliminate or minimize loss activity with training, safety, and security measures. The objectives of the state's Property Loss Control initiative are to:

  • Protect individuals from physical harm and loss of life.
  • Protect state property from physical damage or loss.
  • Reduce or eliminate fortuitous property losses that disrupt state operations and impact the state's ability to carry on the business of state government.


Seven property loss control programs are available. The program policies can be viewed and printed by clicking on the links below:

  • Hot Work (PDF) : These guidelines outline the proper safety procedures to follow when engaged in any activity that produces a spark.
  • Impairment (PDF) : These guidelines outline the actions to be taken when fire detection/protection equipment is inoperable.
  • Inspection and Testing (PDF) : These guidelines outline the systematic testing and maintenance of fire protection and fire detection equipment. The monthly fire pump churn test (PDF) is an example.
  • Emergency Response (PDF) : These guidelines are used when discussing with local fire officials the lay of the land so they are well prepared in case of a catastrophic event.
  • Plan Review of Construction Projects (Modifications and New): This is a highly recommended service of Admin Risk Management. We review blueprints for sprinkler density to occupancy relations, as well as other loss control particulars of your project.
  • Audits: This includes loss control visits to check local conditions and compliance with implemented programs.
  • Loss Investigation and Analysis: For determining cause of loss and for strengthening loss control systems statewide.

Fleet Safety


Admin Risk Management's Loss Control Policy seeks to reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle-related accidents. Knowing this information can help reduce the risk of injuries and decrease the state's cost of insurance resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

Anyone who has ever been involved in even a minor fender bender is aware of the resulting fallout which involves time, money and effort. Accidents involving state vehicles and state employees can be even more complicated. These standards are steps that employees and agencies must follow to minimize the risk of vehicle accidents.

More Information on Fleet Safety and Distracted Driving

Enterprise Rental Car Contracts

For rentals initiated outside the U.S., obtain insurance coverage from the rental company.

More Information

  • Towing TrailersThe towing pamphlet (PDF) provides State of Minnesota drivers with basic information necessary to safely tow a trailer behind a state vehicle. The applicable state agency is responsible for providing training for drivers involved in towing.
  • Driving a VanThe van driving booklet (PDF) provides tips for van drivers, and covers such areas as emergencies, maintenance, and passenger etiquette.

Floods/Severe Weather

Pre-flood Checklist 

If flooding is imminent, agencies should take the following precautions to protect their property, records and other material:

  1. Relocate the following to a safe area: high-value items; equipment, including movable electronics equipment; vehicles that may be needed after the flood; critical records, files and blueprints
  2. Place all materials that may be damaged by water on pallets or on shelves that will be above the expected high-water level
  3. Secure or anchor any outside storage or equipment that cannot be moved
  4. Check roof drains to make sure they are clear of debris
  5. Record a list of key contact numbers and keep a copy in a safe off-site location

Flood Claims Reporting

In the event of flood damage to state-insured property, contact Admin Risk Management at 651-201-2592 during business hours. After-hours claims can be reported to Gallagher Bassett Services Inc. at 866-489-5797.

Building Water Intrusion and Response Actions

Agencies with facilities that are not insured through Admin Risk Management should review our building water intrusion and response actions (Word Document). Contact our safety and loss control team at 651-201-3016 with questions about indoor air quality after a flood.

Other Severe Weather

For more information about flood and severe weather safety, reference our safety page.