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Feature image for Recycling Upgrades Coming Soon

Recycling Upgrades Coming Soon

Admin is rolling out a series of upgrades to the State Capitol Complex's recycling program during the summer and fall of 2016. These upgrades will help the Capitol Complex increase its recycling rates and work toward becoming a zero-waste workplace.

Check out our recycling upgrades page for more details, including rollout dates and recycling tips. 

Feature image for Nice Ride Discount for State Employees

Nice Ride Discount for State Employees

With discounted pricing and five stations on the Capitol Complex, it's easier than ever to bike to work using Nice Ride. Save money, move more, and avoid another day of rush hour traffic!

Learn more and get started on our Alternative Transportation page.

Governing Purchase Power Graphic - Minnesota ranked third

Minnesota Excels in National Rankings of State Procurement

Minnesota's purchasing and contracting programs are among the nation's very best, according to a new report from national policy publication Governing.

Read more about Minnesota's top rankings in our news announcement and in Governing's full report.

Feature image for We're a Certified Sustainable Fleet

We're a Certified Sustainable Fleet

Admin's fleet has been officially recognized as a Sustainable Fleet by the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA). We're committed to reducing the environmental impact of state vehicles.

For more, explore our fleet services on our Fleet Sustainability page.

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