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Building Management and Maintenance

 Admin Plant Management manages and maintains 21 buildings for the State of Minnesota. We provide our tenants with building management and maintenance services, including engineering and energy management. We also direct energy efficiency improvement projects, mail delivery, conference room scheduling, and lost and found services.

See the list below of the building services we provide.  Our buildings page contains more detailed information. For assistance or more information, call the Admin Plant Management Service Line at 651-201-2300 or contact us. 


Admin Plant Management provides the following services:

  • Carpentry
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Door and lock repair
  • Electrical
  • Fire extinguisher service and replacement
  • Fire protection system testing and maintenance
  • Flooring replacement
  • HVAC systems maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Temperature control
  • Window blind repair and replacement
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Maintenance Requests

To request maintenance in Admin Plant Management managed facilities, contact either your agency facility manager or call the Admin Plant Management Service Line at 651-201-2300. 

Examples of maintenance requests include:

  • Coffee or water spills
  • Elevator malfunctions
  • Lights out
  • Lock and door malfunctions
  • Restroom fixture problems
  • Restroom supplies and cleanliness
  • Temperature

Janitorial Services

Admin Plant Management performs the following scheduled housekeeping services to maintain office space and building common areas. Have a housekeeping concern? Contact us via email or call the Plant Management Service Line at 651-201-2300.

Office Cleaning 


  • Empty trash receptacles and replace liners, as necessary
  • Vacuum carpeted main traffic aisles, moving furniture as necessary
  • Return furniture to original position
  • Pick up litter
  • Spot clean carpet
  • Spot clean partitions and door glass


  • Vacuum carpet
  • Dust mop hard surface areas
  • Dust exposed areas on work surfaces
  • Wet mop hard surface areas 
  • Dust accessible furniture
  • Dust window sills, radiators, etc. (below six feet)


  • Spot clean walls and doors 


  • Clean door frames
  • Dust accessible exterior window blinds
  • Clean ceiling vents (under 12 feet)
  • Clean carpeted aisles


  • Clean carpet

As Needed

  • Empty recyclable materials

Note: Dusting in an office setting will be done only in accessible areas. Admin Plant Management will not move personal items and electronic equipment to clean or dust. We will trash only waste receptacles and items marked as trash. 

Lobby and Entrance Cleaning 


  • Empty and spot clean trash receptacles
  • Sweep hard surface floors
  • Wet mop hard surface floors
  • Clean mats
  • Clean door glass and spot clean all adjacent glass
  • Vacuum carpet 
  • Clean elevator interior and exterior
  • Sweep, vacuum and wet mop open stairways
  • Spot clean building directories


  • Dust areas below six feet
  • Spot clean windows
  • Clean and polish all stairway handrails
  • Clean thresholds
  • Arrange and spot clean public area furniture
  • Clean kick plates and door frames as needed
  • Spot clean walls

As Needed 

  • Scrub and coat hard surface floors
  • Strip, seal and finish hard surface floors
  • Clean carpet

Hard Surface Floor Care - Common Areas


  • Dust mop
  • Spot mop spills


  • Wet mop and auto scrub floor surfaces

As Needed

  • Scrub and re-coat floor finish
  • Strip, seal and finish hard surface floors

Hard Surface Floor Care - Work Areas 


  • Dust accessible areas
  • Wet mop other areas


  • Dust mop wall to wall
  • Wet mop and auto scrub wall to wall

As Needed

  • Scrub and re-coat floors
  • Strip, seal and finish 

Restroom Cleaning 


  • Re-stock supplies
  • Clean dispenser
  • Empty trash, including sanitary disposal units and clean receptacles
  • Clean and sanitize toilets, urinals, sinks and countertops
  • Clean stainless steel and chrome
  • Wet mop floors
  • Clean mirrors
  • Spot clean doors, both sides
  • Spot clean walls with emphasis around dispensers, sinks and urinals


  • Machine scrub floors
  • Sanitize waste receptacles


  • Wall to wall deep clean all walls, partitions, fixtures and floors

Shower Room and Stall Cleaning 


  • Wipe down fixtures
  • Remove debris on finishes and fixtures


  • Power wash walls and floors
  • Clean and disinfect all shower room fixtures

Miscellaneous Cleaning 


  • Sanitize drinking fountains
  • Spot check interior stairwells
  • Remove unapproved posters or outdated posters and bulletins


  • Dust hallway fixtures (i.e. pictures, fire extinguishers)

As Needed

  • Wet mop hard surface stairwell risers and landings
  • Clean ceiling lights and fans in elevators
  • Clean janitorial closets
  • Dust stairwell railings
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture

Building Projects

Admin Plant Management informs tenants of short-duration construction and maintenance projects by posting informational bulletins in the affected buildings. These postings alert tenants of projects that will affect services, such as brief power outages, elevator service interruption, water shutoff, fire alarm system testing, and more. 

For assistance or more information, call the Admin Plant Management Service Line at 651-201-2300 or contact us.

Current Building Project Postings 

North Hallway Closure, State Capitol Building at Basement Level
The north hallway from the main east-west basement hallway (tunnel system) to the Rathskellar Cafe will be closed from 3:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Thursday, November 20.

This closure is necessary to work on foundation underpinning. During this time period a detour involving stairways will be in place. Signage will be present and construction workers will be stationed at the detour entryways to direct pedestrian traffic.

Contact Us

For direct assistance or more information about building services, call the Plant Management Service Line at 651-201-2300.