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Model Policies

Mandated Policies

Policies 1 - 15 are mandated for every law enforcement agency.  The agency's policy must be identical or substantially similar to the POST model policy.

Policies 16 - 19 are mandated only if the subject matter of the policy applies to the agency.  The agency's policy for #16 must be identical or substantially similar to the POST model policy. Policies 17, 18, and 19 do not have model policies.  The policy adopted by agencies that utilize the subject matter covered in these policies must include all of the required legislative requirements pertinent to that policy.   

          1. Use of Force Model Policy (doc)

              MN Stat. 626.8452.1(1) (a)​

          2. Public Assembly/First Amendment Activity Model Policy  (.doc)

                      Minn. Rules 6700.1615


             ​  ​​3. Eyewitness Identification Procedures Model Policy (.doc)

     MN Stat. 626.8433

​​4. Allegations of Misconduct Model Policy (.doc)
     Minn. Rule 6700.2200

​5. Professional Conduct of Peace Officers (Standards of Conduct) Model Policy (.doc)
     MN Stat. 626.8457

​​6. Domestic Abuse Model Policy (.doc)
     MN Stat. 629.342

​​7. Avoiding Racial Profiling Model Policy (.doc​)
     MN Stat. 626.8471​

​8. Investigation of Sexual Assault Model Policy (.doc)
     MN Stat. 626.8442

​​​9. Response to Reports of Missing & Endangered Persons Model Policy (.doc)
     MN Stat. 626.8454

​10. Predatory Offender Registration Community Notification Model Policy (.doc)
     MN Session Laws 1996, Chapter 408, Article 5, Section 7

​​11. Vehicle Pursuits Model Policy (.doc)
MN Stat. 626.8458, ​Subd. 2

​12. Criminal Conduct on School Buses Model Policy (.doc)
        MN Stat. 169.4581

​​​13. Lighting Exemption of Law Enforcement Vehicles Model Policy 
        MN Stat. 169.541

​14. Administrative Forfeitures Model Policy (.doc)
       MN Stat. 609.531​

​​​15. Confidential Informants Model Policy 
        MN Stat. 626.8476

16. Supervision of Part-time Licensed Peace Officers Model Policy (.doc)
      Minn. Rule 6700.1110

​​​17. Automated License Plate Reader Policy 

       MN Stat 626.8472​

​​18. Portable Recording Systems Policy
MN Stat. 626.8473

​​19. Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy
      ​​MN Stat. 626.19   

Model Procedures

  1.  ERPO Firearms Storage Model Procedure  (Doc)
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