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Documents Required for Course Evaluation and Approval

1. Course Approval Application

†  The current version of the continuing education course approval application must be completed in its entirety and signed.

†  Previous versions of the course approval application will not be accepted by POST.

2. Lesson Plan

†  The lesson plan must detail the course objective(s) and/or learning goal(s) and provide a detailed explanation of the course content for each major unit of instruction. 

†  For courses covering POST mandatory learning objectives, the lesson plan must contain original content detailing how the course meets the sought mandated learning and performance objectives. Duplication of the POST Board mandated learning objective language is insufficient as a lesson plan.

†  The lesson plan must detail the planned learning assessment and how the learning assessment will be documented.

3. Learning Assessment

†  In accordance with Minnesota Session Law, the POST Board requires that sponsors of mandatory learning objective courses:

1)       Identify a plan for the learning assessment of course attendees.

2)       Identify how the results of the learning assessment will be documented.

3)       Submit the results of the learning assessment to the board. 

†  Sponsors will identify the method of learning assessment by:

1)       Completing the “Learning Assessment” section on the course approval application, and

2)       Detailing within the lesson plan: 

·         The planned learning assessment, and

·         How the learning assessment will be documented.

†   Sponsors will submit the results of the learning assessment to the board by disclosing whether or not the course taught the approved learning objectives on the Affidavit of Attendance form.

4. Course Timeline 

†  Courses longer than 4 hours require an hourly timeline of the course outlining the major blocks of instruction.

†  This may be included in the lesson plan or submitted as a separate document.


5. Instructor Qualifications 

†  Proof of professionally recognized training and experience in the subject area; and/or, instructor training or specialized academic preparation to teach the subject.

†  Instructor qualifications must be provided for each instructor listed on the course approval application. 

†  Resumes, CVs, and/or Certificates of Completion are all accepted by POST as proof of instructor qualification. 


6. Instructor Evaluation Form 

†  An example of the instructor evaluation form to be completed by course attendees.  Instructors must submit student evaluations of the instructor to the course  sponsor. This may be included in the lesson plan or as a separate document. 

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