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Restoration of a Peace Officer license is necessary if an individual was once licensed and employed as a peace officer in the State of Minnesota and three years or more have passed since the license expired.

There are two types of license restoration, one that requires an exam and one that does not:

1.     If less than three years has passed since an individual’s license expired, an application for restoration must be completed. Completion of 48 credits of approved continuing education during the previous three years, proof of that completion and the required fee ($125.00) must be submitted with the application. At that point, the license is restored to inactive status.

2.     If MORE than three years has passed since an individual’s license expired, an application to take the License Restoration Exam must be completed.

The Application for Restoration and the Application to take the License Restoration Exam can both be found on the Forms  page.

Applying for and Taking the Exam

At this time, the application for the License Restoration Exam may NOT be submitted through the online E-Licensing system. An application form must be submitted by US mail along with the exam fee.



A non-refundable examination fee of $105 plus a non-refundable expired license restoration fee of $125, meaning a total of $230 payable to the POST Board, must be submitted with the License Restoration Exam application.

A registration fee of $70.00 is paid directly by the applicant to PSI (see below). This is a separate fee and is not included in the $105.00 examination fee that is paid to the Minnesota POST Board.


The Exam

All of Minnesota’s peace officer licensing exams are administered by PSI using computer based testing (CBT). CBT allows exam applicants to choose from a variety of exam dates, times and locations including numerous sites throughout Minnesota and selected sites in other states.

Upon submission of an application to take the exam, applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of the application by the POST Board. Applicants who are approved to take an exam will receive specific information relating to registering and scheduling an exam date at a PSI site.

After completing the exam, PSI will notify applicants of their unofficial exam result, either a pass or fail. Applicants will then receive official confirmation of the exam result from the POST Board in a letter that can be used as proof of peace officer license eligibil​ity.

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