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To take one of the Minnesota peace officer licensing examinations, an applicant must submit the appropriate exam application form and the application fee of $105. Approval of the exam application is required before any licensing examination can be scheduled.

All of Minnesota’s peace officer licensing exams are administered by PSI using computer based testing (CBT). CBT allows exam applicants to choose from a variety of exam dates, times and locations including numerous sites throughout Minnesota and selected sites in other states.

Exam applicants will pay an exam registration fee of $70.00 to PSI. This is a separate fee and is not included in the $105.00 exam fee that is paid to the POST Board.

Upon submission of an application to take an exam, either through E-Licensing or through an exam application form, applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of the application by the POST Board. Applicants who are approved to take an exam will receive specific information relating to registering and scheduling an exam date at a PSI site.​

After completing the exam, PSI will notify applicants of their unofficial exam result, either a pass or fail. Applicants will then receive official confirmation of the exam result from the POST Board in a letter that can be used as proof of peace officer license eligibility.


Applications for some of POST Board’s licensing examinations are submitted using the state’s on-line electronic licensing system (E-Licensing). Others must be submitted using a form accessible on the POST Board website. Applicants should read the following information carefully to determine which process to use for the appropriate examination.


Applications for the following exams may be submitted using the State of Minnesota’s online E-Licensing website:

1.     The Minnesota Peace Officer License Examination and applications for retaking this exam.

​This examination is for individuals who have:

Ø  never had a Minnesota peace officer license and never passed a Minnesota peace officer licensing examination,

Ø  completed the education and training requirements for licensure and been approved to take the exam by the coordinator of a POST Board certified professional peace officer education (PPOE) program.

2.     The Reinstatement of Peace Officer License Examination and applications for retaking this exam.

This examination is for individuals who have:

Ø  never had a Minnesota peace officer license,

Ø  passed the Minnesota Peace Officer License Examination, became license eligible but were not issued a peace officer license within 3 years and want to reinstate that eligibility.

Detailed information on submitting an exam application using E-Licensing is located at the bottom of this page.


At this time, applications for the following exams may NOT be submitted through the online E-Licensing system. An application form must be submitted along with the required documentation and exam fee:

1.     The Peace Officer License Restoration Examination (and retake applications)

2.     The Reciprocity Examination (and retake applications)

3.     The Military Reciprocity Examination (and retake applications)

Application forms and additional information for these exams are available in the box on the left side of the Exams page.




Follow the steps below for submitting a Peace Officer License application OR Reinstatement of Peace Officer License application using E-Licensing.

1.     Application requires a working email account and immediate payment by credit card or a checking account. Applicants need to have a credit card OR a bank routing number and checking account number ready before making an application.

2.     Go to the Minnesota E-Licensing website

Ø  Important! If you already have an account, log in here. DO NOT attempt to create a second account (see below)

3.     If you do not have an account, click on “Register Here” to create an account.

4.     Login and set your password

5.     Select “Apply for an Exam/New License” and then “Apply for Peace Officer Exam”

6.     Complete the online form

7.     Pay the required fee

Upon completion of these steps, applicants will receive two emails: an application summary and a payment confirmation.

IMPORTANT! If you already have an existing account or believe that you may have created one and are experiencing difficulty accessing that account, contact MN POST Board staff and ask for assistance. DO NOT attempt to create a second account. Creating a second account will cause significant delays in processing your application(s) and you may be required to re-submit your information.


​If you have any questions, please call the POST Board at 651-643-3060                     Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.​


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