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Reinstatement of License Eligibility Exam


When an individual takes the Peace Officer Licensing Exam or one of the Reciprocity Exams and passes, they are considered “license eligible” in Minnesota. Individuals have three years of “license eligibility” from the date that they took and passed the exam. License eligible candidates that are hired by a law enforcement agency as peace officer within that three years are issued a peace officer license and become fully licensed.

 License eligible individuals that are not hired by a law enforcement agency in Minnesota, will see their eligibility expire on the third year anniversary of the date that they originally took the exam. If they are no longer interested in working as a peace officer in the State of Minnesota, no further action needs to be taken and their eligibility will expire.

 If an individual is interested in maintaining their eligibility to be licensed in Minnesota, they will need to apply for and take the Reinstatement of Eligibility Exam. This can be done either just before the eligibility expires or after it has expired. The application for reinstatement of eligibility is the same as the Peace Officer Licensing Examination application and is available on the Forms  page.

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