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Analytical Studies and Program Evaluation

Analytical studies require clear goals, a solid methodology, and a robust commitment to objectivity, accuracy, and documentation. Management Analysis and Development (MAD) conducts a wide variety of analytical studies, including policy research, legislative studies, data and program analysis, program evaluation, market analysis, and best practice reviews. MAD's services include:

  • Conducting background research and project design;
  • Evaluating existing and potential primary and secondary data sources;
  • Collecting and analyzing quantitative data (financial, program, client, and outcome data) and qualitative data (literature, focus group, and interview findings);
  • Analyzing public and private sector policies, practices, and trends;
  • Developing conclusions and recommendations for improved policies, programs, operations, and procedures; and
  • Summarizing results in formal and informal reports, internal memos, presentations, and graphs, charts, tables, and fact sheets.

MAD's clients benefit from our broad government experience, including our ability to quickly understand their overall business needs and the issue at hand and apply excellent analytical, interpersonal, and project management skills. Our project documentation is clear and accessible and can be used to inform a variety of audiences. MAD customizes services to client needs and can also provide consultation, training, facilitation, and team leadership on analyzing data and making data meaningful.

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