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Creating Surveys

Surveys are a popular instrument for collecting information in many Management Analysis and Development projects. A major advantage is their cost-effectiveness: Surveys can collect representative information about a large population through a small sample of the population's members. Surveys can collect information that might not be available elsewhere. Surveys also can confirm or complement data collected through interviews and focus groups.   

Management Analysis and Development consultants can assist you through all steps of the survey process. We work with clients to develop surveys that will meet their needs. We administer surveys by hosting them on our survey web site, subcontracting telephone surveys with trusted, experienced vendors, or distributing paper questionnaires. We receive and tabulate the results, analyze the data, and report the findings (either in summary form or as raw data, depending on the client's preference). Our role in the survey process ensures that we deliver a high-quality survey to our clients. We also act as a neutral third party so respondents know their identities will not be revealed.

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