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Grant Application Portal & Forms

FluxxOur Grants Office utilizes an online grants management system called FLUXX.

The portal provides access to everything you need in administering a grant from our agency, including application submission, expense reimbursements, reporting, and accessing previously awarded grants. The portal allows you to save your work on an application and come back to complete it later. Everything you see in Fluxx is in real time, which means any changes in your application or grant status are updated immediately for others to view. Fluxx is also web-based so you can use it anywhere, anytime, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, however it is recommended to use Google Chrome as your internet browser. 

Access the grant portal here. 

Please review the directions below, to help get you started:

        How to Register and Create an Account in the Grants Portal

        How to Submit a Grant Application

        How to Request an Expense Reimbursement

        Frequently Asked Questions

Prevailing Wage Requirements

All projects funded by the agency where prevailing wage laws apply require certified payroll records to be provided by the grant recipient prior to the agency disbursing funds. 
Recipients of financial assistance from state agencies should contact the Department of Labor and Industry for applicable prevailing wage rates and guidance on how to comply with prevailing wage requirements in Minnesota Statutes, section 116J.871 and MPWA, Division of Labor Standards and Apprenticeship.
Karen Bugar, State Program Administrator
443 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN 55155
651-284-5091 or 

Additional forms and supporting documentation (please note, these forms are only required for certain programs):



        Cost Estimate Examples

        Minnesota Statutes 298.22 Subd13 Grants and Loans for Economic Development Projects

        Minnesota Statute 471.345 Contract and Bidding Requirements 

        State's Certified Targeted Group (TG), Economically Disadvantaged (ED) and Veteran-Owned (VO) Vendors

State of Minnesota Supplier Portal - Update contact or address change

If you have any questions or concerns accessing the grant portal, please contact Jeri Venne, 218-735-3012, 
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