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Applications for Commemorative Works on the Minnesota Capitol Grounds

Revised Rules governing commemorative works on the Minnesota Capitol grounds will take effect on November 21, 2022. Information on the application process to propose a new work or to modify or remove an existing work will be provided on this page by next Monday. Read a copy of the amended rules.

A commemorative work is a monument, memorial, or other artwork that commemorates a person, group, event, place, or topic. To learn more about existing works on the Minnesota Capitol grounds, visit the Memorials & Monuments page. 

The Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board [CAAPB] oversees long-term planning and zoning decisions in the 60-block Capitol Area that includes the Capitol campus and adjacent blocks of residential, commercial, and other uses. Read about the history & purpose of the CAAPB. Within its charge, CAAPB is specifically responsible for guiding and approving any changes or improvements to commemorative works in the Capitol Area and on the Capitol Mall, as authorized under Section 15B.08, subdivision 3, which grants the CAAPB decision-making authority over commemorative works: “No substantial change or improvement may be made to public lands or public buildings in the Capitol Area without the written approval of the board.” “Substantial changes or improvement” include those made to public buildings, statuary or other memorials or public art, and significant above-ground alterations to public open spaces and roadways. 

Rules Update

On November 21, 2022, updated rules for commemorative works on the Capitol grounds goes into effect. The rules describe the steps and criteria that the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board uses to review public proposals for the addition of new works, or for the modification or removal of existing works. The full text of the rules are in Minnesota Rules Chapter 2400.2703. Read the full text of the rules. To learn more about the rule amendment process, visit the CAAPB rulemaking webpage. For information on the two commemorative work task forces that led the engagement and research efforts to shape the rule amendments, visit the task forces webpage

Early Inquiry and Consultation

Application and review of commemorative work proposals is a rigorous and lengthy process. Final decisions are based on many factors, and broad-based public engagement with Minnesotans is essential. Full funding for the commemorative work project must be in place before a final decision is made by CAAPB. Early inquiry and consultation with CAAPB staff is strongly recommended before an application is submitted. Just submit the request form for early inquiry and consultation.

Application and Review Process

The steps for application and review are detailed in the Commemorative Works Rules (MN Rule 2400.2703). For proposed additions, see Subpart 3, and for proposed modifications and removals see subpart 7. Additional information is available in the FAQ document

Application Forms

After early inquiry and consultation with CAAPB staff, the applicant may proceed with the formal application by submitting the required application information for the type of request – addition, modification, or removal. Each type of application is available below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the commemorative works application and review process, check out the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.
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