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Locating in Minnesota

Feature image for You'll Dig Our Shovel-Ready Sites

You'll Dig Our Shovel-Ready Sites

Save time, money, and take the headache and uncertainty out of your site search with a shovel ready certified site. Prime locations available. Learn more about Shovel Ready sites.

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Dynamite Developments

Keep tabs on all the latest business developments in Minnesota with our Business Roundup Newsletter.

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We're Beyond Compare...

But don't take our word for it. Use our Compare Minnesota tool to see how we stack up against any other state or the Twin Cities against other major Metropolitan areas. Get comparisons now. 

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Have it All in Just One Call

Talk to our Business Development Office about the benefits of expanding or relocating your business in Minnesota and the ways we can help. Contact a business development consultant.

Your Partner in Success

Pick most any index of the nation's biggest, hottest, fastest-growing, most innovative, and most successful business enterprises. You'll find Minnesota companies at or near the top. That's no accident. It's a product of the distinct business advantages Minnesota offers.

Top State for Business

See why CNBC named Minnesota the nation's best state for business in 2015. You owe it to yourself.

Land, Sites & Buildings

Find the right land, the right buildings and the right communities for your business startup, expansion or relocation.


Data and data tools that give site selectors a detailed look at Minnesota’s economy and labor force.

Major Industries & Sectors

Minnesota has an exceptional base of talent and expertise in several key industries and sectors.

Major Companies

Some of the world’s most recognized companies call Minnesota home – and many more have major operations here.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Minnesota's foundation of transportation, communications and energy infrastructure is rock solid.

Business Climate

Many competitive advantages mean Minnesota consistently ranks among the top states for business.


Minnesota takes great care to nurture the educational system that is crucial to the quality of our workforce and our future.


An unrivaled work ethic combined with exceptional education and skills make Minnesota's workforce envy of the nation.

R & D Capacity

The emphasis our companies and educational institutions put on R & D has given the world many life-changing “firsts.”


A wide variety of incentives and financial assistance is available to help companies startup, expand, and relocate in Minnesota.

Invest in Minnesota

Hundreds of foreign companies have major operations here. Let us help you join them.

Regional Profiles

Each region of Minnesota offers unique qualities and distinct advantages.

Business Expansions in Minnesota

Highlights business startups and expansions at various stages from Minnesota firms statewide.

Contact Us

Questions about your business startup, relocation or expansion? Let us help.
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