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Responsibilities of the CAAPB

Major activities of the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board, as described in Statute 15B overview (and full text of Statute 15B), include:
Capital Area Land Use Map

Land Use Planning

Prepare, prescribe, and from time to time amend a comprehensive plan for the Capitol Area which shall show existing land uses and recommend future uses including: areas for public taking and use; zoning for private land and criteria for development of public land, including building areas and open spaces; monuments and other memorials; vehicular and pedestrian circulation; above grade utilities systems; vehicular storage; and elements of landscape architecture. As the governing body, the CAAPB is responsible for the physical development of the Capitol Area. This means that projects are planned long-term based on CAAPB’s 1998 Comprehensive Plan for the Minnesota State Capitol Area (amended in 2009) and the Rules Governing Zoning and Design for the Minnesota State Capitol Area (revised in 2009).

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Regulate, by means of zoning regulations adopted pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, the kind, character, height, and location of buildings and other structures constructed or used, the size of yards and open spaces, the percentage of lots that may be occupied, the uses of land, buildings, and other structures within the area, and establish rules and regulations for the erection of advertising devices within the boundaries of the Capitol Area. The Rules Governing Zoning and Design for the Minnesota State Capitol Area include design guidelines, review procedures, and standards for proposed construction in the Capitol Area.

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Design Review

Include, in its zoning rules, design review procedures and standards with respect to any proposed construction activities in the Capitol Area significantly affecting the dignity, beauty and architectural integrity of the area. State agencies and other public bodies considering Capitol Area projects must consult with the Board before developing plans. Funds for the Board's design review and planning services must be provided by the public agencies if the Board determines its services are necessary; the Commissioner of Finance shall set aside funds for the Board's consulting services from the appropriation when a state agency plans and constructs any capital improvement in the Capitol Area.

Minnesota History Center Design Competition

Architectural Competitions

Secure by design competition, plans for any new public building. The Board shall determine the need for competitions for projects estimated to cost less than $1,000,000.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Approve Public Construction

Approve, as to conformity with the Comprehensive Plan and requirements for competition, all plans for building or altering public buildings, streets, parking lots, monuments, or other construction on any public lands within the area and approve, in writing, plans for substantial alterations or improvements to public lands or building in the area.

Central Park State Capitol

Recommend Capital Improvements

Recommend to the Governor and Legislature a program of capital improvements and site development. For capital budget proposals in the Capitol Area, the Commissioner of Administration must consult with the Board regarding building sites and design standards. The Board shall provide to the Governor and Legislature a statement as to the request's impact on the Capitol Area and its compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan for the Capitol Area. The CAAPB shall also provide testimony to the Legislature on proposals for memorials in the Capitol Area as to their compatibility with the standards, policies, and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. (Reference: Policy for Works of Art in the Minnesota State Capitol, 2015).

Capitol Art Restoration

Capitol Building Standards

Prepare, prescribe, and from time to time revise standards and policies governing the repair, alteration, furnishing, appearance, and cleanliness of the Capitol Building. (Joint responsibility with the Commissioner of Administration.) In addition, jointly with Minnesota Historical Society, approve the design, structural composition and location of all monuments, memorials or works of art presently in or proposed for the public and ceremonial areas of the State Capitol.

View of Saint Paul

Urban Design

Develop and maintain an urban design framework so as to assure that St. Paul is a preeminent capital city, and that its capitol area is an integral part of the city.

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