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Service Providers

State agencies may obtain goods and services directly from several sources without obtaining competitive responses:

Minnesota state agencies are required to utilize DEED-certified and DHS-licensed providers for at least 19 percent of their contracts in these areas if their cost is within 6 percent of the other vendors available to perform the same services for the following services:

  •     Janitorial Services - UNSPSC 76111501
  •     Document Imaging Services - UNSPSC 81112005
  •     Document Shredding Services - UNSPSC 80161508
  •     Mailing, Collating, and Sorting Services - UNSPSC 80141800

See Minn. Stat. §§ 16C.10, subd. 5(4), § 16C.16, Subd. 7(c)(3) and § 16C.155.

Agencies may also purchase goods and services from directly from state agencies, including MINNCOR and Minnesota State Industries, without obtaining competitive responses. A completed Service Contract Certification form is required for services.

For additional information on purchasing goods and services from MINNCOR/Minnesota State Industries, see Authority for Local Purchase (ALP) Manual and Appendices.

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