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The Results

MnSAFE Safety Results

Incident Rates

The workers' compensation claim incident rates represent the number of accepted workers' compensation claims per 100 FTEs. This is the primary performance metric for MnSAFE.

Severity Rate

In 2015 added Severity Rates to our metrics. The Severity Rate is the number of accepted workers' compensation claims with at least $350 in benefit payments per 100 FTEs.

Safety Perceptions Survey Results

A Statewide Safety Perception Survey was conducted during the 4th quarter of FY17. The survey was conducted to better understand the safety perceptions of our workforce and to create leading safety performance indicators correlated to injury reduction. The survey is expected to be conducted again during FY19 and FY21.

Understanding and Utilizing MnSAFE Performance Metrics

  • Our Quarterly Reports that detail agency level results are generated on the first week of the quarter (March, June, September, and December) and is posted to this website shortly after.

  • Top Leadership involvement serves as the foundation for strong safety culture and is essential to the success of the MnSAFE initiative. Leadership can lend powerful reinforcement to MnSAFE by:

    • Reviewing MnSAFE quarterly reports when published; and
    • Engaging agency management by discussing agency results and current efforts to reduce workplace injuries.
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