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Agency Training Reimbursement


Continuing Education Training Reimbursement for Peace Officers and Part-time Peace Officers

Over seventy-five percent of the POST Board’s budget is distributed each year to local units of government. The payment is a partial reimbursement to the law enforcement agency for costs of continuing education for their officers.

 The reimbursement rate is calculated based on the total amount allocated by the legislature divided by the number of eligible officers. To receive reimbursement, a law enforcement agency must submit an application detailing the costs of continuing education and a list of all eligible officers.

 A letter outlining the requirements for reimbursement as well as the current year application are sent to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer at least 30 days prior to the July 31 deadline.

 Whether you are requesting reimbursement monies or not, the POST Board must receive an application signed by the CLEO by the end of the business on day July 31.

 Refer to MN Rule 6700.1800 for further information on the annual reimbursement process.

  Payments from the reimbursement fund are disbursed in August each year by electronic funds transfer.

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