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Visitor Experience

A high quality visitor experience is of central importance in the Capitol Area. The first Principle for the Capitol Area states: As Minnesota’s seat of government and destination for thousands each year, the Capitol Area offers the highest quality experience to visitors. (See Principles chapter) By surveying visitors (and people who interact with visitors) we aim to better understand what the visitor experience is and where there are gaps in providing the highest quality visitor experience.

City + Off-Campus Parks & Open Spaces

Study of non-mall parks and open spaces in the Capitol Area and nearby context. There is a need to better understand the parks and open spaces in the Capitol Area and how they contribute to a quality public realm. Additionally, how is the Capitol Area connected to adjacent public spaces, such as Western Park and Scheffer Park.

Land Use Diversity

This study established a baseline understanding of the land use mix within the Capitol Area. This knowledge, continually updated as changes happen, helps inform future decisions regarding commercial and housing developments: as projects come before the Board in the future, this data provides the basis to answer the question: Do the proposed new developments contribute to more diversity in the Capitol Area?

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