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Capitol Mall Design Framework

The Mall Framework will build upon the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the  Minnesota State Capitol Area and the prior Capitol Mall Redesign Plan (originating in the mid-1980s) to shape, guide, and manage the Minnesota State Capitol campus environment and its physical form. Framework plans calibrate the comprehensive plan’s larger organizing principles to a specific area, detailing specific goals for stability, change, and growth. The primary study area for the Mall Framework is the Capitol campus subdistrict and its integral public streets and right-of ways. Additional limited study is needed for design strategies within the public realm areas surrounding the Capitol Campus and for overall connectivity strategies to surrounding sub-districts in the larger Capitol Area and surrounding neighborhoods of Saint Paul. 

The goals of the Mall Framework project are to develop a master plan for campus and streets in its immediate context, a Schematic Design that will determine a set of projects for immediate implementation, and guidance for future implementation on public land within the Capitol Area. Strategies that are climate resilient, fiscally responsible, realistically implementable, and operationally sustainable are desired. 

Agency Contact: Peter Musty |

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