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Capitol Mall Design Framework

The Capitol Mall Design Framework is a design process that will create a Capitol Mall that is MORE WELCOMING FOR MORE MINNESOTANS. The Design Framework will lay out a multi-phase implementation strategy and a series of design guidelines to be used as a decision-making tool moving forward. Public engagement for the Capitol Mall Design Framework builds upon previous engagement work by the CAAPB. The engagement website is Minnesota's hub to learn about the project, sign up for email updates, and provide input via online surveys. Multiple online surveys will be released as development continues through May 2024.

Phase I - Design Charrette

CAAPB hosted a successful Design Charrette at the Minnesota History Center! Thank you for participating!

The Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB) hosted a four-day intensive design process, which included meetings with over 75 Minnesotans providing input on how the Capitol Mall can better serve Minnesotans in the future. Participants included legislators, State of Minnesota staff, neighborhood and community leaders, members of the local community and greater Minnesota. Interpretation in Spanish and Hmong was provided during the meetings. CAAPB and Sasaki staff also participated in meetings with MIAC (Minnesota Indian Affairs Council) staff and Tribal Leaders through the Governor’s Office weekly call. CAAPB and Sasaki are continuing to reach out to stakeholders and plan events around Minnesota.

This series of meetings mark a significant milestone in the ongoing process to develop a new Capitol Mall Design Framework. Major themes brought forward are related to increasing the vitality of the Capitol Mall and surrounding community, creating resilience to future economic and environmental changes, and increasing the inclusivity, comfort and accessibility of the Capitol Mall. 

Prior to the meetings, community input was gathered at pop-ups in the surrounding neighborhood, meetings with technical staff and neighborhood leaders, and through a statewide online survey which received 1,283 responses.

Synthesizing all input, the design team has identified ten focus areas that will be further refined prior to presenting an initial plan to the CAAPB at their meeting on March 1. The March 1 presentation will mark the end of Phase One of the design process. During Phase Two multiple design alternatives will be presented to the public for input; Phase Three will refine the final design and outline recommendations for short-term and long-term implementation plans.

Minnesotans are invited to visit the project website at to learn more about the project and provide input.

Agency Contact: Peter Musty |


  1. Monday, February 5th, 2024 -- MN CMDF Charrette Focus Group Kick-Off Presentation PDF
  2. Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 -- Capitol Mall Community Charrette: Background Information YouTube Video
  3. Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 -- Capitol Mall Community Charrette: Pin-up YouTube Video
  4. Thursday, February 8th, 2024 -- Capitol Mall Community Charrette: Final Pin-up YouTube Video
  5. Thursday, February 8th, 2024 -- MN CMDF Charrette Focus Group Recap Presentation PDF
  6. Friday, March 1st, 2024 -- 
  7. Memo - Item 2 - Capitol Mall Design Framework 
  8. Item 2 Attachments (CMDF DRAFT and Appendix)
  9. Item 2 Advisor Memo
  10. Memo - Item 3 - Status Update on Other Projects Update - 03.01.2024
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