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Biennial Reports

Statute 15B.21 


Subdivision 1. Report required.
(a) The board, after consulting with the commissioner of administration, must report to the legislature and the governor before October 2 of each even-numbered year.
(b) The report must describe the status of implementing the comprehensive plan.
(c) The report must also include a program for capital improvements and site development. The commissioner of administration must provide the necessary cost estimates for the program.

Subd. 2. Update reports required.

(a) A change to the comprehensive plan that is adopted by the board must then be reported by the board to the legislative committees with jurisdiction over state governmental operations policy.
(b) If asked, the board must give testimony on the changes.

Subd. 3. Testimony required.
(a) The board must give testimony to the legislature on any proposal for a memorial in the Capitol Area.
(b) The testimony must deal with the proposal's compatibility with the standards, policies, and objectives of the comprehensive plan.

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