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Ombudsman Reports

Jensen Settlement (METO Class Action Suit) Federal Class Action lawsuit against the Department of Human Services filed on behalf of clients who had been subjected to seclusion or restraint

Just Plain Wrong (PDF) - 2008 OMHDD public report detailing excessive use of restraints and law enforcement style devices at Minnesota Extended Treatment Program

Biennium Reports

Why Do We Wait? A Mental Health Report (PDF) - 1999 OMHDD discusses the need for early intervention mental health services

Related Resources

Civil Commitment Documents, Reporting and Fact Sheets

Medical Alerts, Bulletins and Updates

Reporting Death and Serious Injury Forms

Disclaimer About Language

Some of these documents may contain language reflective of history that is out of date and is now considered offensive.  If you see something offensive on this website please notify the OMHDD here or send an email to and the document or link will be reviewed and considered for removal or replacement.  Thank you.

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