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Applying for a License


Online applications are now available for 

• Physician and Surgeon   • Physician Assistants   • Respiratory Therapists   • Genetic Counselors
• Athletic Trainer           • Acupuncturist            • Traditional Midwife        • Naturopathic Doctor
•   Residency Permit and Residency Permit Extension

Click the following link ( ) and select “Register to Access Site.” 

Applicants can submit either an online or paper application, but not both. 

We respectfully request that applicants and interested stakeholders refrain from contacting the Board to confirm receipt of applications and supporting documentation. Please allow approximately four weeks for initial materials to be processed, once an application and fee payment have been submitted to the Board. Written confirmation will be mailed to all applicants identifying any deficiencies in required documentation. Most phone calls will be returned within one to three business days.


Athletic Trainer

  • Athletic Trainer Protocol (PDF)  - This protocol form must be updated and reviewed at the athletic trainers renewal time and kept on file by the athletic trainer.It is recommended that the primary physician also retain a copy.  Do not submit to the Board unless requested.  

Genetic Counselor

Naturopathic Doctor


(If utilizing FCVS, the following documents will be provided in your packet: exam scores, ECFMG verification, verification of medical school, verification of accredited postgraduate training, and NPDB)

  • Medical Faculty License Application Packet (PDF)      PLEASE NOTE:  This is a  limited license  option.  A person issued a license under Minn. Stat. §147.0375 may only practice medicine within the clinical setting of the academic medical center where the licensee is an appointed faculty member or within a physician group practice affiliated with the academic medical center. 

Other Physicians Forms

Physician Assistants

Professional Firms

Respiratory Therapists

Traditional Midwives

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