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Applying for a License

License Application Packets and Forms

(includes Fact Sheets with licensure eligibility requirements and history)

Note: PDF's and external links will open in a separate window

Discontinuance of Temporary Permits, Effective December 15, 2016

We respectfully request that applicants and interested stakeholders refrain from contacting the Board to confirm receipt of applications and supporting documentation. Please allow approximately four weeks for initial materials to be processed, once an application and fee payment have been submitted to the Board. Written confirmation will be mailed to all applicants identifying any deficiencies in required documentation. Most phone calls will be returned within one to three business days.


Athletic Trainer

Genetic Counselor


Naturopathic Doctor

Physicians (FCVS may be used for verifications of medical education, postgraduate training, and ECFMG certification)

The following individual forms are included in the packet but can also be downloaded separately:

Certification of Medical Education (PDF)

Facilities List (PDF)

Malpractice History Report (PDF)

Physician Recommendation (PDF)

Physician_Verification_of_Licensure (PDF)

Treating Physician Statement (PDF)

Verification of Postgraduate Medical Training (PDF)

Verification of Specialty Board Certification (PDF)

  • Physician Application Option 2 - Uniform Application (aka UA) This application is partially submitted online for the basic core of information that may be shared with other states accepting the UA. Minnesota has a specific addendum addressing our state requirements. The Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure (UA) allows for quick, easy and convenient single and multi-state licensure application. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) began collecting a one-time physician service charge from all applicants utilizing the benefits of the Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure (UA) on October 27, 2011. The current fee is $60.00.  Contact for details. If you have previously used the UA application, review all fields to ensure information is accurate and updated prior to submission.
  • Medical Faculty License Application Packet (PDF) PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited license option.  A person issued a license under Minn. Stat. §147.0375 may only practice medicine within the clinical setting of the academic medical center where the licensee is an appointed faculty member or within a physician group practice affiliated with the academic medical center. 

Other Physicians Forms

Physician Assistants

Professional Firms

Respiratory Therapists


Traditional Midwives

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