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Requesting a License / Registration Verification


Public Inquiry Lookup

The license information in the search results has been designed and implemented to meet primary source verification requirements of the Joint Commission accredited hospitals and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) certified managed care organizations, and it can be used as primary source verification. See Primary Source Verification Letter (PDF) .

The above search tools will not display temporary permits issued before 2022.  For older temporary permit information, please email the Board at  .    

State-to-State Online Verification for Physician, Physician Assistant, Respiratory Therapist, Genetic Counselor, and Acupuncture Licenses

The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice contracts with VeriDoc to use its website to expedite the verification process of physician, physician assistant, respiratory therapist, genetic counselor, and acupuncture licenses to participating licensing boards in other states. The board transfers licensure information to VeriDoc daily. Go to to have a verification letter sent to another participating state board. If you have paid for a Minnesota verification through VeriDoc and it was not received by the other state, please contact

Formal Verification for All License / Registration/ Permit Types

If you have been issued a license/registration/permit (excluding Camp Doctor) by the Board, and you would like to request an official verification letter to be sent to a third party/organization, you may click this link Online Formal Verification Request to register an online account as an existing licensee, if you have not done so since June 21, 2022.  After you have registered a new online account and log in with it, click “License Verification” to submit a request.  A $25.00 fee is required for each verification, per Statute. 

If you have specific needs or prefer to send a written request, please refer to the following section for details.

Request a Written Verification or an Endorsement Letter for All License /Registration/Permit Types

Send a written request, including identifying information (your name, your Minnesota license/registration/permit number and, the address where you would like the verification mailed), and enclose a $25.00 check or money order to:

Minnesota Board of Medical Practice
335 Randolph Avenue Suite 140
St. Paul , MN 55102

If you need an endorsement verification (license verification plus Minnesota exam scores), please send a written request with a $40.00 check or money order to the above address.  Endorsements cannot be done through VeriDoc.

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