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With An Eye to the Future

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2011: Ethical Issues, End of Life Conversations, and Developmental Disabilities

In June 2011, the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities participated in a taping session with TPT (Twin Cities Public Television) to discuss end of life conversations, or Advance Care Planning (ACP). ACP is a process that helps people think about, talk about, and write down their choices for future health care decisions.  While it's not an easy topic to consider, it is important for every adult to have a Health Care Directive - a written plan for loved ones and health care providers to follow if there comes a time when he or she cannot speak for his/herself.

Honoring Choices Minnesota

"Honoring Choices Minnesota" is focused on helping every adult Minnesotan understand what Advance Care Planning is, and getting a plan in place that will honor each individual's personal choices.

Twenty self advocates, family members, and allies were asked to share their stories about end of life conversations. TPT selected 54 different video stories that were posted at the "Honoring Choices Minnesota" website.