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2014: Interview with Rud Turnbull Presented

The Convergence of Disability Law and Policy: Core Concepts, Ethical Communities, and the Notion of Dignity

Rud Turnbull, Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas
Co-founder of the Beach Center on Disabilities

Rud's research focuses on policy analysis of disability-related issues, which inevitably tie to our nation's top policy discussions for individuals with disabilities – full participation, independent living, economic self-sufficiency, and equality of opportunity.

Along with his wife, Ann Turnbull, he was identified as one of 36 individuals who have "changed the course of history for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the 20th century." 

He became an "accidental advocate" when his son, Jay, was born with intellectual disabilities, autism, and a rapid-cycling bipolar condition.

Rud Turnbull
Rud Turnbull