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2002: Consumer Directed Community Supports Survey

Consumer-Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

In late 1997, the Department of Human Services received federal approval to add to the DD Waiver program a component called Consumer-Directed Community Supports. With Consumer-Directed services, waiver recipients take direct responsibility for planning and managing their care. They have the option of choosing what services to purchase and whether to use informal providers such as neighbors or family. Participants in Consumer-Directed Community Supports have access to certain services that the regular waiver program does not cover.

In May 2002, a Consumer Directed Community Supports Survey was completed. The MN GCDD believed that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families experienced higher levels of Independence, Productivity, Self-determination, Integration, and Inclusion (IPSII) based on their participation in Consumer Directed Community Supports, and thus, their ability to choose their own services. A mail survey was completed to learn how CDCS met customer needs, requirements, and expectations.

Results indicate high satisfaction with the program overall (93%), and that the most important factor in determining the overall satisfaction with the CDCS program, is the participant's overall satisfaction with his or her county social services department.

Cindy and her daughter Jenna
Cindy Johnson, her daughter Jenna, and a friend served as the spokespeople for CDCS.