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Intern Opportunities

The department offers unique opportunities for students with our correctional facilities and Field Services offices located throughout the state. The goal of our program is to offer an individualized learning experience by maintaining flexibility with students in scheduling and in achieving academic needs.

All internship opportunities are available to students who are enrolled in a college or university that offers course credit for internships. With the exception of the Doctoral Psychology Internship, stipends are not provided for our program. Please submit an application for area of interest even if you do not see a posting for that position.

The DOC is proud to be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Employer; Women, Minorities, People with Disabilities and Veterans Encouraged to apply!

To apply for an internship:

  • Behavioral Health and Community Supervision require a different application and process for their intern positions listed below.
  • All other intern positions use the general application and process in the third section below.
  • Applications received by priority deadlines will be given first consideration. All other applications will be considered based on position availability.
  • The DOC adheres to the uniform practicum application process established through coordination with participating schools, so it is your responsibility to be in communication with your school to ensure that the dates are correct.

Behavioral Health Intern Positions

  • Mental Health, Sex Offender Treatment, Substance Abuse Program
  • For academic year beginning in Fall Terms and for Summer Terms, the application process will open January 1st and end March 15th.
    • Applications received by February 15th will be given first consideration. All other applications will be considered after the March 15 deadline. 
    • Interviews will be scheduled after February 15. 
    • Selection decisions will be completed by April 15. 
  • For internships beginning with Winter/Spring Terms, the application process will open October 1st and end November 1st. 
    • Interviews will be scheduled in November. 
    • Selection decisions will be completed by December 1st.
Behavioral Health Application

Community Supervision Intern Positions

Community Supervision Application

All Other Intern Positions

  • All positions available
  • Summer term application deadline is February 15.
  • Fall term application deadline is July 1.
  • Winter/Spring term application deadline is October 15.

General Application

For more information, contact:

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