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Employment Testimonials

Steve Ayers


Working for the Minnesota Department of Corrections has been and is so rewarding. After finishing college I began my career in 1986 as a Correctional Officer. My initial intention was to move into Law Enforcement after gaining some experience working in a correctional facility. I soon discovered the Corrections field was one of the best kept secrets within the Criminal Justice System.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections provided me with many career opportunities, challenges and more importantly, job fulfillment. I've had the great fortune to work for and with some very bright and progressive correctional professionals. These dedicated individuals recognized the value of being dependable and hard-working and demonstrated proprietorship to the department. The diverse employees and the offenders in our custody and control has made it a culturally rich and interesting place to work.

Minnesota has a long and proud history being a model correctional system that is recognized both nationally and internationally. I consider it a great privilege and honor to be part of such a highly revered department recognized world-wide.I have held many positions over the years - Case Manager, Special Investigator/Polygraph Examiner, Assistant to the Warden and my current position as Security Captain at Oak Park Heights Maximum Correctional Facility.

These positions have provided me many opportunities to contribute in maintaining high standards set by those before me. Vast career opportunities and its diverse workplace make the Minnesota Department of Corrections a great career choice.

Tammy Miller-Hess

After graduating from college with a degree in Social Work, I worked as a social worker for a county social service agency. I always had an interest in corrections and after several years, I was hired as a Corrections Agent by the Department and supervised a juvenile and misdemeanant caseload.

I was fortunate to have a supportive supervisor and good mentor and I was encouraged to become active in professional associations and to continue my education. The Department was able to assist me with tuition for many post-graduate classes, which was a wonderful benefit. I was able to transfer from a small field office to a district office, began supervising adult felons at all risk levels, and eventually earned a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Studies.

I've had the opportunity to work in a few different field offices and with various caseloads. The Department has been supportive of my involvement in professional associations and I have been active in MCA for most of my career. I'm also a licensed social worker, which requires additional education and training, and my supervisors have been supportive of me maintaining my licensure.

Benefits, such as paid vacation and sick leave, have allowed me to take care of myself and not become stagnant. During the course of my career, I have had many opportunities to challenge myself and grow personally and professionally. I've been employed by the Department for over 25 years and still enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with people in an effort to help them make constructive changes in their lives and to help make our communities safer.

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