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Ombudsperson for Corrections

COVID-19 Information

If you have questions related to the Department of Corrections response to COVID-19 response or planning, please visit the Department’s information page for inmate families here .

If you have concerns regarding the treatment of someone held in any local or state adult or juvenile correctional facility in Minnesota directly related to COVID-19, you can send information to Due to limited staffing, your email may go unanswered. It will be reviewed for information that may be helpful in investigating and/or making recommendations for correctional response to COVID-19.

Office and Complaint Status

In 2019, the Minnesota Legislature created the Office of the Ombudsperson for Corrections by enacting Minnesota Statutes Chapter 241 .90-95. The Ombudsperson and their staff are given “the authority to investigate decisions, acts, and other matters of the Department of Corrections so as to promote the highest attainable standards of competence, efficiency, and justice in the administration of corrections.”

Governor Tim Walz has appointed Mark Haase to be Minnesota’s new Ombudsperson for Corrections. Mr. Haase began working on January 13, 2020. Because Minnesota has not had this office since 2003, new staff need to be hired, office space secured and prepared, and policies and procedures established. Because these things need to be completed first, it will be some time before complaints can be accepted and investigated. Until then, please do not try sending complaints to the Office of the Ombudsperson, they will not be processed. Instead refer to Department of Corrections policies which can be found here ; the Offender Handbook which can be found here ; Visiting Information which can be found here; or the Family and Friends Handbook which can be found here .

We will announce here when complaints are being accepted by the Office of the Ombudsperson for Corrections.

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