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COVID-19 Leave Policy Information and FAQ

Here is some background information to help understand the new category of paid leave established by Governor Walz for work absences related to COVID-19.

Please note: All DOC employees must receive specific approval before they are permitted to take paid leave under this policy – even if they are technically eligible for COVID-19 paid leave under the terms of the Governor’s executive order.


Under the policy, effective March 18, 2020, and revised effective April 7, 2020, employees become eligible for paid COVID-19 leave for certain reasons if two circumstances are true:

  1. If they must be absent from work for reasons related to COVID-19 and

  2. They cannot or are not allowed to telework.

Even if a covered reason applies, DOC employees must receive additional authorization before taking this leave. Please see policy for complete information of covered reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is COVID-19 Paid Leave available if I am able to telework?

No. If your job responsibilities can be performed through telework, COVID-19 paid leave is not an option unless you are ill with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and are too ill to telework.

NOTE: Employees may telework even if their dependents are present in the remote work location, so long as the employee is actually conducting their job duties and actually working normal work schedule or flexing their time as approved by their supervisor .

If I provide critical services am I eligible for COVID-19 paid leave?

Maybe. Every DOC employee requires additional authorization before COVID-19 paid leave will be permitted.

If you are symptomatic at work you will be sent home by your supervisor due to your symptoms. In these cases, COVID-19 paid leave may be approved after the fact. Your supervisor must notify HR of the situation.

Can I receive COVID-19 paid leave for school or day care closures?

Maybe. If you can telework, you must telework. If you have children eligible for district-provided care under the Governor’s executive order, you must use that resource if you need it.

If your children are not eligible for the district-provided care, and you cannot or are not permitted to telework, you might be approved for COVID-19 paid leave. You should fill out the form to apply for the COVID-19 paid leave.

If my child is eligible for child care through the school district, can I choose not to send them and receive COVID-19 paid leave to care for them myself?

No, the leave would not be covered by COVID-19 paid leave and you would need to request another form of leave from your supervisor. If the school district is offering child care services and your child qualifies to attend, you are expected to report to work. If your child has underlying medical conditions or you have other concerns, you should contact your health care provider to determine if there is a medical reason your child should not use the district-provided child care.

Can COVID-19 paid leave be used intermittently?

Yes. There may be cases where you can work a partial day or telework on particular days but not others. Additionally, a covered reason might apply one day but not another day.

My staff do not have telework agreements in place. Can they still telework?

Yes. Supervisors are expected to establish ad hoc telework agreements with every employee who can telework. We are working expeditiously to deploy telework technology and are seeking to establish alternatives to laptops (eg bringing desktops home) as quickly as possible.

More information will be provided as resources change. Please have your employees complete the Ad Hoc Telework Agreement.

At this time, CERP employees are expected to report to work. We continue to explore ad hoc telework arrangements for CERP employees.

Can my supervisor direct me to return at any time?

Yes, as the situation continues to evolve, department needs will change and additional resources will likely need to be deployed to provide assistance at multiple locations. Any employee could be called back to work at their home work location or to report to any other DOC facility or office as necessary.

What is the payroll earn code and when is this leave in effect?

The leave went into effect Wednesday, March 18, 2020. The payroll earn code to use is CVD – Covid-19 Paid Leave.

How does this affect my current approved FMLA?

It has no impact on previously approved FMLA.

Where do I go to find the most up-to-date information?

Go to the MMB BeReadyMN website. Here you will find the most up-to-date information and FAQs.

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