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Licensure via Portfolio

Licensure via Portfolio is a non-traditional option for earning a Tier 3 teaching license or to add additional licensure fields to an existing Tier 3 or Tier 4 teaching license. Through this process, a teacher can submit a “portfolio,” which is a collection of evidence with accompanying narratives describing how the teacher has the knowledge, skills and competencies required for a specific licensure field.

The first step for the portfolio process is verifying eligibility to make sure that candidates aren't otherwise eligible for licensure and to confirm that candidates have prerequisite experiences and qualifications. 

  • Refer to the Licensure via Portfolio Guidelines for more information.  Once eligibility has been confirmed, additional individualized information will be provided to portfolio candidates.   
  • For eligibility information, portfolio candidates need to indicate which of the Minnesota's licensure fields they are seeking.  Note that some licenses, such as related services, may not be added via portfolio.  Some licenses may only be added as an additional license.
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