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Licensure via Portfolio

Licensure via Portfolio is a non-traditional option for earning a Minnesota teaching license. The portfolio provides an alternative process to assess the knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals seeking a license who may not have completed an approved teacher preparation program in the licensure field being sought. Additional information process is available in licensure via portfolio administrative rules.

Step 1: Intent to Submit

Step 2: Portfolio Evaluation

  • The evaluation of your portfolio will be completed 90 days after the electronic submission of your portfolio and review fee. Evaluation review of portfolios are performed by external content experts. Initial licensure applicants will have their Standards of Effective Practice portfolio reviewed by a panel.
  • The portfolio fee is $300 for the first portfolio submitted for review and a $200 fee for any portfolio submitted subsequently.
  • Portfolio Review Fees are nonrefundable.

Step 3: Testing Requirement

Step 4: Final Recommendation

The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board provides recommendation for approval or denial of the submitted portfolio.

  • Approved: You will be recommended for licensure and may submit an application for a Minnesota Teaching License. Application fees will apply.
  • Not Approved: You may resubmit your portfolio one time to provide further competency in areas identified as deficient in the evaluation. Mailing expenses will be billed to the applicant.

Note: The above process is subject to change.

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