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Teacher licensure structure changed to tiered licensure on July 1, 2018. Currently, we are accepting only paper applications for tiered licensure. These applications will take our office longer to process than the online process. Please fill out the forms completely, including all supporting materials, before submitting your application to ensure timely processing.  Note that you may apply for short-term substitute and administrator licenses through the online system. 

Please Note: Under state law, PELSB has 30 days to issue or deny a license after receiving a completed application. PELSB encourages districts and applicants to wait at least three weeks after submitting all application materials before calling to check on an application's status. Licensing staff are contacting applicants with questions about applications when necessary. Waiting to contact PELSB about recently submitted applications will allow staff to process applications in a shorter time frame.


Board Position Opening for Teacher (seven-county metropolitan area)

Posting for Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Vacancy


The omnibus education bill created the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) to oversee and implement teacher licensing for the state of Minnesota. Since January 1, 2018, the responsibilities carried out by the Minnesota Department of Education Licensing Division and the Board of Teaching were consolidated into PELSB. PELSB is responsible for (1) developing the teacher’s code of ethics; (2) adopting rules to license public school teachers; (3) adopting rules for and approving teacher preparation programs; (4) issuing or denying license applications (5) suspending, revoking, or denying a license based on qualifying grounds; and (6) verification of district and charter school licensure compliance.

The legislation passed creating PELSB did not change the duties, governance or the licensing structure of the Board of School Administrators (BOSA). BOSA will need to contract with PELSB to process and issue licenses.

Teacher Licensure

Tiered Licensure Statute
Education MN Tiered Licensure Structure Infographic
Tiered Licensure Rulemaking

New contact information:

Main Line: 651.539.4200
Main email:


Rulemaking on teacher licensure is under review by the Governor’s Office. The comment period is closed. Past public comments are available on the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings Notice of Hearing page.

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