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Rulemaking e-Comments Website

OAH has launched a user-friendly and centralized rulemaking e-Comments website to enable the public to better participate in an efficient and open rulemaking process.

The rulemaking e-Comments website allows the public to:

  • Find rulemaking matters open for comment
  • Download an agency’s rulemaking materials (e.g. proposed rules, applicable public notices, the agency’s Statement of Need and Reasonableness, and related exhibits)
  • Review comments submitted by the public on pending rulemaking matters
  • Submit comments on pending rulemaking matters
To locate rules open for comment, visit the rulemaking e-Comments website at:

How to Use the Rulemaking e-Comments Website

Click on these overviews of the e-Comments process:

Important:All comments will be made available to the public. Please only submit information that you wish to make available publicly. The Office of Administrative Hearings does not edit or delete submissions that include personal information. We reserve the right to remove any comments we deem offensive, intimidating, belligerent, harassing, bullying, or that contain any other inappropriate or aggressive behavior without prior notification.
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