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Data Request Policy

Responsible Authority: Jenny Starr, Chief Judge

Data Practices Compliance Official: Abigail Rankin, Associate General Counsel

Right to Access Public Data

As provided by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, all government data is public unless a specific state or federal law says otherwise. “Government data” includes all recorded information in the possession of a government entity, including printed documents, emails, digital recordings, photographs, etc.

You have the right to request and inspect public data received and maintained by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) free of charge. OAH may charge for copies of public data. You may look at public data, free of charge, before deciding whether to pay for copies.  

Requesting Data

To request data, complete and submit the form below. You may ask for specific types of data, specific documents or portions of documents, or entire records or files by completing the form below. You do not have to give a reason. Your contact information may be needed in order to provide copies to you. When making a request, please state whether you would like to look at the data in person, receive copies, or both.

OAH is not required to create or collect new data in response to a data request, or provide data in a specific form or arrangement. For example, if the data is in paper form only, OAH is not required to create electronic documents to respond to your request. OAH will try to work with you to satisfy the specifics of your request.

If the requested data is not public, OAH will notify you of the reason for denying your request.

Cost of Copies

Data Subjects

Data subjects may be charged the actual cost for an employee to make and transmit paper copies or copies of electronically stored data, including material costs.

If the total cost is $50 or more, OAH requires prepayment before providing the copies.

Members of the Public

For paper copy requests of 100 pages or fewer, OAH charges 25 cents per page of public data printed or copied.  For other requests, including those for electronic copies, OAH may charge $30 per hour of staff time required to search for, retrieve, and prepare copies of the data.

If the total cost is $50 or more, OAH requires prepayment before providing the copies.

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