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Visiting OAH

  • Court Reporting

    Audio recording

    All OAH hearings are audio recorded. OAH provides audio recordings of hearings upon request. To request an audio recording, contact the assigned judge's legal assistant.

    Court reporters

    OAH judges determine when a court reporter is mandatory and issue an appropriate order. Even when not ordered, any party may arrange to have a court reporter at the hearing. All logistical and payment arrangements related to court reporters are the responsibility of the requesting party, not OAH. If a transcript is prepared, the requesting party is required to provide a copy of the transcript to the assigned judge. 

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  • Courtroom Technology

    OAH's St. Paul courtrooms contain: 

    • Large wall monitors for displaying exhibits; 
    • Wall-mounted cameras for remote and hybrid proceedings; and 
    • Hanging microphones that pick up 360 degrees of sound.

    To display electronic exhibits, simply plug in your laptop to one of the ports at your counsel table and tell the judge when you want to share your screen. Using the control panel at the bench, the judge will display your entire laptop screen on the large wall monitors.

    The following connection types are available: 

    • HDMI; 
    • DisplayPort; 
    • Thunderbolt; 
    • Lightning; 
    • USB-C; and
    • Apple USB-C.

    If you would like to test the technology before a hearing, email to make an appointment. Make sure to bring your laptop to your appointment.

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  • Interpreters

    OAH arranges interpreter services for parties involved in OAH matters. Interpreters are available for any type of case. Scheduling is subject to location, requested language and interpreter availability. All requests should be made at least 14 days in advance of the proceeding date.

    In administrative law matters, the fee for interpreters is billed to the client agency. The fee for interpreters hired for workers' compensation matters is paid for by the Special Compensation Fund.

    Request an interpreter

    Parties to Workers' Comp matters can request an interpreter on an existing case by filing a written request. Alternatively, the requested language can be selected from the Interpreter dropdown on the Party Information screen when eFiling a new case.

    Parties to Administrative Law division matters can request an interpreter by filing a written request.

    Interpreter Hiring

    Like the Minnesota Judicial Branch, OAH hires interpreters who are either (1) Minnesota Court Certified or (2) Minnesota Court Rostered. Both programs are managed by the Minnesota Court Interpreter Program.

    OAH makes diligent efforts through our State Approved Vendors to first obtain a Minnesota Court Certified interpreter. If our vendors cannot fulfill the request for a Minnesota Court Certified Interpreter, our second choice is a Minnesota Court Rostered Interpreter. This policy aligns with the Minnesota Court Rules 8.02(a) and (b).

    OAH hires interpreters from the current State of Minnesota Master Contract List. Interpreters who need additional information about the State of Minnesota Master Contract List should contact the Minnesota Department of Administration, Materials Management Division, at (651) 296-2600.

    Interpreter qualification

    It is important to OAH that court users have confidence in the interpretation services OAH provides. All judges use a uniform voir dire process to qualify interpreters, which is consistent with Minnesota District Court practice. The voir dire allows each party to ask questions of the interpreter. Interpreters' qualifications are established on the record at the proceeding. Parties should not contact the assigned judge or staff in advance of the proceeding to qualify the assigned interpreter.

    Interpreter Scheduling Contact

    Send an email to

    To avoid cancellation fees, contact OAH immediately if a scheduled interpreter is no longer needed. 

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  • Mother's Room

    A Mother's Room is available for court visitors in the public courtroom space at OAH's St. Paul location.

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  • Security Personnel

    OAH will provide courtroom security personnel upon the request of a judge or party to an OAH matter. All requests for security should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the proceeding. Depending on the location and nature of the proceeding, security will be provided by Capitol Security, the Minnesota State Patrol, or a local law enforcement agency.

    Security arrangements can be made by contacting Kelly Sullivan. Please provide the reason why security personnel is required, the name of the individual requiring security, and any other pertinent information. 

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  • Security Screening

    Under Minn. Stat. § 609.66, it is a felony to possess a weapon in OAH's court spaces, and anyone entering an OAH courtroom space may be searched for weapons.

    Members of the public entering OAH's St. Paul office space must pass through a security screening area to scan for weapons. OAH uses Evolv screening technology. Evolv is familiar to many Minnesotans, as the screening technology is also used at Target Field. 

    Review OAH's Security Screening Policy for more details.

    What to do

    • If you have a laptop with you, remove it from your bag before entering the screening area.
    • As you enter the screening area, keep walking at a normal pace with all of your belongings in your pockets and holding any items you are bringing to court.
    • Do not stop unless advised by OAH's security staff.
    • OAH's security staff will manually inspect your belongings only if the scan detects a potential threat.
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  • Wireless Internet Access

    Free wireless internet access is available at OAH's St. Paul and Duluth offices.

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