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Forms & Filing

Workers' Compensation eFiling

The Office of Administrative Hearings offers eFiling for Workers' Compensation cases. Any party to a Workers’ Compensation case at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) can eFile. 

Though use of eFiling is voluntary at this time, parties are encouraged to eFile as a way of reducing costs and improving efficiency. We hope that you’ll give it a try, and that it meets your clients’ needs for faster, cheaper and more reliable processing of contested Workers’ Compensation claims. Please note that parties to Administrative Law matters use a separate eFiling system

Access the eFiling System

When you're ready to file, go to the eFiling login page.

User Guides and Cheat Sheets

Review the following documents to learn how to use the eFiling system:


Absent case-related circumstances, all exhibits must be be eFiled, regardless of the proceeding's location. This applies to all hearings: motion hearings, attorney fee hearings, and in-person and video evidentiary hearings. Review the best practices for eFiling exhibits in the Workers' Compensation Division for tips.

Courtroom technology allows parties to electronically display exhibits in the hearing room. Judges will only request paper courtesy copies when there is a case-specific need.

Where to File 

Under current law, effective June 1, 2018, the following filings must be filed with OAH and not DLI:

  • Motions relating to any case pending at OAH (including Motions to Intervene);
  • Answers;
  • Statements of Attorney’s Fees/Objections;
  • Requests for Formal Hearing;
  • Claim Petitions (with the exception noted below);
  • Discontinuance conference requests under Minn. Stat. § 176.239;
  • Asbestos filings;
  • OAH Mediation Requests/Responses;
  • Petitions for Contribution/Reimbursement;
  • Petitions for Temporary Orders; and
  • Petitions to Discontinue and Objection to Discontinuance.

The following documents must be filed with DLI and not OAH:

  • Motions to Intervene in a medical or rehabilitation administrative conference pending at DLI;
  • Requests for a medical or rehabilitation administrative conference under Minn. Stat. § 176.106 and related documents, regardless of the amount in dispute;
  • Requests for medical or rehabilitation dispute certification under Minn. Stat. § 176.081, subd. 1(c), and related documents;
  • Claim Petitions that only identify medical or rehabilitation issues, unless primary liability is disputed;
  • Objections to penalties assessed by DLI;
  • Requests for mediation at DLI, and responses to the mediation request; and
  • Any other document required to be filed with the commissioner under Minn. Stat. ch. 176, such as Notices of Intention to Discontinue Workers' Compensation Benefits (NOIDs) under Minn. Stat. § 176.238, subd. 1, First Reports of Injury, Notices of Insurer's Primary Liability Determination, Notices of Benefit Payment, documents related to vocational rehabilitation plans, and other required forms.

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