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About Us

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

OAH is an energetic, responsive, and respected service provider to Minnesotans, state and local governments, and the workers’ compensation system.

Our Mission

OAH renders justice through fair, timely, and impartial administrative hearings and high-quality dispute resolution services.

Our Values

OAH respects the tenets of procedural fairness in our hearing rooms and workplaces.

VOICE: We ensure the opportunity for each person to express their own viewpoint.
RESPECT: We treat everyone with courtesy and dignity.
NEUTRALITY: We apply the laws and rules consistently and fairly.
TRUST: We make unbiased and transparent decisions.
UNDERSTANDING: We communicate in plain language.
HELPFULNESS: We provide quality services.


OAH practices our values by:

Applying the law impartially, competently, and diligently Assisting others in understanding court procedures and processes Fostering understanding of Minnesota’s administrative law and workers’ compensation laws Fully considering information from everyone involved
Listening with a genuine interest in the needs, problems, and concerns of others Promoting equity through the practice of intercultural competency and the elimination of bias Striving to reflect the diversity of Minnesota within our workforce Using a cooperative, team approach to solve problems
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