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About Us

What We Do

The Office of Administrative Hearings is an administrative court that holds fair and impartial hearings in contested cases involving challenges to government action or workers' compensation disputes. Since 1976, the Office of Administrative Hearings' centralized panel of nearly 40 judges have provided trial-level hearings throughout Minnesota.

Administrative Law Division 

The agency’s Administrative Law Judges preside over a wide variety of cases. Our cases involve utility rates and routes, child care and foster care license regulation, veterans preferences, occupational safety and health, professional licenses, nursing home rates and regulatory compliance, environmental permits, human rights, personnel disputes involving government employees, fair campaign practices complaints, municipal boundary adjustment matters, and other challenges to state and local government action. Through the decade ending in 1999, the Office of Administrative Hearings also issued and modified child support orders throughout Minnesota. The Judges also review the need for and reasonableness of all rules proposed by state agencies in order to increase regulatory consistency and serve as a balance against agency discretion. In all cases, the work of the agency’s Administrative Law Judges and professional and administrative staff are focused, every day, on serving the interests of justice. 

Workers’ Compensation Division 

The Compensation Judges of the Workers’ Compensation Division conduct settlement, pretrial and trial-level functions associated with disputed claims for workers’ compensation benefits. In Minnesota, over 10,000 new workers’ compensation claims are filed every year involving workers, employers, insurers, plus medical and other benefit providers seeking reimbursement as intervenors. With the support of their dedicated professional and administrative staff, the Compensation Judges at the Office of Administrative Hearings work diligently to deliver just results for the parties to each case in a fair and timely manner. 

Municipal Boundary Adjustments

The boundaries of Minnesota's cities and towns are legally adjusted by the Office of Administrative Hearings in cases involving the creation, annexation, detachment, or consolidation of municipalities. Municipal boundary adjustment requests come from property owners, cities or townships.  All adjustment requests affect local governments. The Municipal Boundary Adjustment Unit works with petitioners and local governments to make the most efficient use of available resources in municipal boundary adjustment matters.

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