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2016: In Honor of Robert Perske

Robert Perske (1927-2016)

Bob Perske was known for using a pastoral voice while championing the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Bob will be remembered for his work as a prison chaplain, and for creating networks of support for persons with intellectual disabilities wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes. His writing most often included a combination of ministry, theology, and developmental disabilities.

Some of his favorite topics include:

  • Risk-taking as a Dimension of Human Dignity
  • "You are a human being and so you have the right to live as other humans live, even to the point where we will not take all the dangers of human life from you." 
  • When People with Developmental Disabilities Encounter the Criminal Justice System
  • He was the motivation for The Arc's National Center of Criminal Justice and Disability®, which was the first effort of its kind to bring together both victim issues and suspect and offender issues involving people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Article: "Coming out of the Darkness: America's Criminal Justice System and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in the 20th Century"
  • Perske's List of False Confessions
  • Article: "Richard Lapointe – An Unlikely Killer in a Cellblock With Real Ones"
Robert Perske
Robert Perske