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2014: Increasing State Employment of People with Disabilities

Executive Order 14-14

The 2014 American Community Survey estimated that 44% of working age adults with disabilities in Minnesota were employed, which was less than half of the 90% of working age adults without disabilities.

  • The percentage of people who were employed by the State of Minnesota, and who self-identified as having a disability, declined from approximately 10% in 1999 to less than 4% in 2013, prompting action from Governor Mark Dayton.

In 2014, Governor Dayton encouraged the State of Minnesota to serve as a model for the employment of individuals with disabilities through improved recruitment, hiring, and retention.

  • The Governor issued Executive Order 14-14 directing an increase in state employment of individuals with disabilities to 7% by August 2018.

In part, E.O. 14-14 said that all Executive Branch Agencies should use their best efforts to comply with the Affirmative Action Goals set by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB), as well as the Olmstead Plan goals set by the Olmstead Subcabinet.

Additionally, MMB was instructed to work with Executive Branch Agencies to increase awareness and use of the "700-hour program," which provides trial work experience, internship, and student worker opportunities for persons with significant disabilities.

Gov. Mark Dayton
Gov. Mark Dayton