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With An Eye to the Future

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2013: K-12 Education Study for Students with Developmental Disabilities

The 2012 study on Minnesota Attitudes Regarding People with Developmental Disabilities revealed a significantly more negative outlook regarding the future of K-12 education services among households with a son or daughter with developmental disabilities. This prompted additional research to explore education experiences of students, families, and school staff, to better understand issues and challenges in Minnesota.

The study consisted of narrative research, collecting stories and anecdotes from approximately 110 students, parents, and school staff.

The results became available April 2013, and indicated remarkable similarities amidst the diversity of personal experiences. Seven themes emerged through the stories and anecdotes that were shared, collected, and analyzed:

  1. Emotional Rollercoaster,
  2. Special Education in its Own Bubble,
  3. Through the Cracks,
  4. Fear of Parental Empowerment,
  5. Education Heroes,
  6. Integration to Inclusion, and
  7. Transformation.

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Narrative research requires active participation.