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2012: Judge Appoints a Court Monitor for the Jensen Settlement

David Ferleger, Esq.

David Ferleger is a long-standing legal champion of people with developmental disabilities. He has litigated landmark disability cases, argued five times before the Supreme Court of the United States, assisted federal courts in managing settlements, represented individuals and government agencies, taught law school, and written, lectured, and consulted nationally on the harm that can come when people with developmental disabilities do not have their humanity recognized on par with other citizens.

Federal Judge Donavan Frank appointed David Ferleger as court monitor in the Jensen Settlement, to ensure that all parties adhered to the agreement, and to keep the settlement moving forward in a timely fashion.

Click on his video segments to hear more about everything from "The Arc of Disability Rights Litigation" to "Undecided Questions for the Supreme Court."

Introduction to the Jensen Settlement Agreement:

The National Academy of Television Arts

David Ferleger, Esq.