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With An Eye to the Future

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2012: Cy Pres Fund and Public Television

cy pres fund was established with part of the funds from the Jensen Settlement of 2011. 

cy pres fund is a method of distributing a lawsuit's damage fund when the original purpose cannot be achieved. Some family members entitled to part of the Jensen Settlement funds chose to decline their portion, and instead asked U.S. District Court Judge Donavan Frank to "do something good" with the money.

The resulting fund was used, in part, to create a public education campaign designed to break down stereotypes about people with developmental disabilities.

Judge Frank, DHS Deputy Commissioner Anne Barry, and Colleen Wieck of the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities worked with Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) on two major projects:

  • The production of an original TPT documentary "Independence to Inclusion," and
  • The creation of the Disability Justice website, found at

Both projects were released in 2014.

TPT Documentary "Independence to Inclusion"
TPT Documentary "Independence to Inclusion"