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2012: Self Advocates Becoming Empowered ("SABE") Conference

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered is the self advocacy organization of the United States. The SABE Conference is a gathering of self advocacy leaders representing over 1,250 state and local groups from around the nation. In 2012, the SABE National Conference was hosted by SABE and Advocating Change Together, Inc., and held in St. Paul, MN.

"It's All About Fairness"

The 22nd biannual conference was attended by over 650 attendees, with a theme of "It's All About Fairness."

Sharon Lewis, Commissioner, Administration on Intellectual and Developmental and Developmental Disabilities, opened the first General Session. Regional meetings and elections were held earlier the first day. In addition to more than 60 workshops, a Human Rights Fair and an art exhibition with 30 selected works of art by Minnesota artists with disabilities were some of the Conference highlights.

A collection of about 500 photos of the Conference, courtesy and with the permission of Tom Olin, National Disability Rights Photographer, is available for viewing.

"SABE" Conference
"SABE" Conference