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With An Eye to the Future

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2010: 5-Year State Plan Survey Results

A survey of 222 individuals with developmental disabilities and their families was conducted to identify important issues to be addressed, and how and where services and delivery systems can make improvements over the next five years. The survey also measured levels of independence, productivity, self determination, integration and inclusion (IPSII) among people with developmental disabilities as was done in 2005 and based on the Quality of Life survey that was first conducted in 2000. In addition, the project studied the impact of budget cuts for Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), and the impact of technology for individuals with disabilities.

Many individuals with developmental disabilities were concerned about PCA budget cuts: 42% believe they have been directly impacted. Most often mentioned were reductions in PCA hours and services for basic needs. The top five most important issues facing people with developmental disabilities over the next few years were reported to be: (1) Housing, (2) Employment, (3) Health Care, (4) Personal Care Services, and (5) Education.

A survey of 66 providers was also conducted to learn their opinions about a range of issues including employment, health care, quality assurance, housing, and self advocacy. In two different surveys, people with developmental disabilities and providers, both groups selected the same top three issues facing Minnesotans with developmental disabilities in the next five years: (1) Housing, (2) Employment, and (3) Health Care.

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