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2009: Information Technology Customer Research Study

The Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) commissioned a survey to obtain measures of information technology adoption and use among people with developmental disabilities compared to the general population in the state of Minnesota. The survey was conducted by telephone and obtained representative samples of households across the state of Minnesota.

Research indicated that some households where there are persons with developmental disabilities use their information technology differently than the general population, such as (1) more frequent daily use, (2) more likely to access government websites, (3) more community information and involvement, (4) more online learning, and (5) more lobbying and communication with elected officials.

There appears to be a segment within this population that benefits more from their use of information technologies, and thus there is an opportunity for technology training and information sharing within the population of people with disabilities, to raise the general level of technology use and thereby enhance the lives of more people with disabilities.

Louis Bouchard
Louis Bouchard, a project director for the marketing research firm Equation Research, solves the most challenging programming puzzles at his home office, connected by phone and computer to fellow employees.