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Title: Veterinarian
Alternate Title:
Description: Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine
Subject: Health Professionals
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:18:20 PM
Modification Date: 9/12/2019 2:33:51 PM
Agency Name: Veterinary Medicine, Minnesota Board of
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine is the licensing agency for practitioners of veterinary medicine in the state of Minnesota. The board establishes educational and examination requirements and investigates complaints.
Agency Phone: 651-201-2844
Agency Fax: 651-201-2842
Agency URL:
Agency Address: Veterinary Medicine, Minnesota Board of
2829 University Ave. S.E., Suite 401

MN 55414

Unit Name: Julie Wilson, DVM or Mollie Brucher
Unit URL:
Unit Description:
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Audience: Hold Application URL:
Renewal URL:
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Minnesota law and Board policy requires that all applicants for initial licensure or license reinstatement must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check (Minn. Stat. § 214.075). Veterinarians with existing licenses will be required to have a one-time criminal background check (CBC) in the future in conjunction with license renewal.

The Minnesota Health Licensing Boards have cooperatively established the Criminal Background Check Program to help you efficiently complete this mandatory background check. Fingerprints are cross checked with databases of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When you apply for licensure, the criminal background check fee ($34.75) must be bundled into your other licensing fees and paid at the same time. After you have paid all required licensing fees and the criminal background check fee, you will be sent a packet containing additional information and directions from the Criminal Background Check Program. You are responsible for having your fingerprints taken promptly and for completing all required paperwork so as to not delay finalizing your license application. Previously taken fingerprints cannot be used. Some agencies charge a fee for fingerprinting services. Fingerprinting can be done without a fee at the Criminal Background Check Program office at the address below. Please contact that office to make an appointment after you receive the information packet.

See the Criminal Background Check

1) DVM degree from AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine; if a foreign graduate, ECFVG or PAVE certificate. 

2) license verification from all states where currently licensed or licensed in the past ten years

3) letters of reference from at least 2 actively licensed veterinarians and 3 other adults

4) passing score on the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)

5) passing score on Minnesota Jurisprudence exam.

Veterinary technicians are not licensed or certified by the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine. 

For information on veterinary technician certification, contact: 
Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association 
101 Bridgepoint Way, Suite 100 
South St. Paul, MN 55075 

Rules: 9100.0100 - .1000

Statutes: 156.001


Refer to:

New Graduates/First Veterinary License

Previously Licensed in Another State


Application Fee - $50

State Jurisprudence Examination - $50

Initial License Fee - $200  

Temporary Permit (if needed) - $50

Criminal Background Check Fee - $33.25

Period of Issuance:

2 years (renews on March 1 every other year)

Length of Determination: Approximately 30 days for applicants who have already taken and passed the national examination. For new examinees, the application deadline is 92 days prior to the national examination administration date.
Other Info:
Activity: Veterinary Medicine
License Detail URL:

Veterinary Medicine, Minnesota Board of

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Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine

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