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Looking for more in-depth information? You’ve come to the right place! DHHSD offers several ways you can learn more: group training, online training and videos. 

Group training

DHHSD offers free training to help you learn more about hearing loss. These trainings are available to human service agencies, service providers, businesses and organizations, living communities and others. 

DHHSD's trainings cover various topics, but every training provides useful, practical information about communication, tools and resources. Read more about our training topics.

Online training

DHHSD's free online training programs offer structured learning to family members, service providers and others. Topics include deafblindness, what mental health practitioners need to know about working with people with hearing loss, what support service providers do, and how to work with support service providers.

Educational videos

Videos are a great way to start your learning or to share with others. You can watch the videos any time, and as often as you like. These videos cover many different topics, such as the experiences of people who are deaf and hard of hearing, why it is important to address hearing loss, and tips for communicating on the phone with people who are hard of hearing. 

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